Let it Go!

(Let it Go!)

Are you ready for things to get better for you? If you truly are then the first step is to let go of where you have been. Oh, I know, it’s a very juicy story and you’ve made it even more interesting in the retelling of it to yourself and others but if you want to move forward you have to let it go.

Often, we have so much pain and agony attached to a crisis that it becomes a part of us. Not just our history but who we appear to be to others and ourselves. After the five heart operations last year, I found myself becoming those five operations to myself and others. It became what everyone asked me when we met. It became all I talked about to friends and family. I constantly improved the story until I knew where the laughs were and where the horror was. One day I realized that my life, my experiences, my loves, my learning was so much more than those five operations. I had to let it go.

I had to let it go so that I could be more than just a crisis. Immediately I began changing the subject matter every time it came up. I refused to tell the story given the opportunity. I ceased to believe that those operations were the most important things about me. And you know what? I started to heal faster than ever. I started to focus on better health. I joined a gym. I ignored the scars on my chest and started focusing on building muscle again. I started talking about my dreams, hopes and aspirations again. I felt better on every level. I gained by losing. Who would’ve thought?

Sometimes our happiness is not about what we get but by what we let go. What should you let go?

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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