Life Works

Life works. Your life works. Not every day is a day at the beach but your life works. Sure, you have had obstacles and setbacks and loss but none of that has ever stopped you. You have adapted, overcome and persevered.

 Health, financial and relationship problems have visited you and some have even hung around but you keep going. You find a way to make it work. You actually find time to help other people. You are amazing.

Your life works and it could be a little easier. Sure, more water, exercise and meditation would help and you are working on it but there are some things that would help right now.

 Relax. Sure there’s a bunch of things going on but take a moment to drop your shoulders, take a conscious deep breath and just for a moment, think of someone you love.

Just live. Yes, there are many things that require your problem solving abilities but it is unnecessary to analyze everything. Let some things go.

Lighten up. There are definitely serious things in your life right now but don’t let them overshadow everything you say and do. Your strength is a product of your ability to rise above the petty stuff.

 Against so many odds, you have made it this far and you are more experienced than ever. You are here because you are needed. You are here because you make a difference. You are here because you really are special. 

 Love your life and love the light within you and keep going. Oh yeah, smile a bit more. It looks good on you.


(c)2015 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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