Look Straight Ahead

Climbing to the top of the mountain or crossing a high bridge or trail, every experienced guide has exactly the same advice. “Don’t look down! Look straight ahead!”. They say this because they know that if you start looking down you stand a very good chance of going down.
Our vision, where we are looking, is what determines where we are going. Fate can bring some heavy winds and some treacherous patches but by focusing on where we want to be, we keep going, we keep striving and we make it.
We may say that we want to get somewhere specific but where are we looking? Are we looking at what could go wrong? Are we looking at what other people might think or say? Are we looking at others who didn’t make it and were ridiculed? If we are looking at any of these, that’s where we are going!
It doesn’t matter what we planned or what we have invested. It only matters that our goal and our vision are in sync. It only matters that we are looking straight ahead to where we are going and that we have a burning desire to get there.
Where we have been has absolutely no bearing on where we want to go. What is behind us may have strengthened or weakened us but the next step forward is all about now and not then.
Look straight ahead and take a step today no matter how tiny and you are on your way.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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