Love is.

What is love? Writers have written and painters have painted and musicians have sung since time immemorial their answer to this question. Which one got it right? Which one came up with the truth about love? They all did, each and every one of them.

When we ask what is love and who got it right, it’s like asking which drop of ocean water is just like the ocean? They all are is the answer. If we could ask every mammal, fish, crustacean and plant in the ocean to describe that thing that surrounds them, that thing that gives them life, that thing that makes their life possible, we would get an infinite number of answers and they would all be right.

We, you and I and all the others, live in a world of love. We are surrounded by love, we breathe love, we eat love, we hear love and we see love. For it is the love of nectar that the honeybee pollinates the flower that becomes our food. It is because of the love of the farmer for her family that she plants our food so that her children will eat and have the money for clothes and education. It is the love of literature that drives the man to become the teacher and share his joy. It is the child’s love of a puppy that takes the animal home from the shelter and brings more love to the family.

There is the love of sweethearts, the love of children, the love of parents, the love of art and music and colors and laughter and rainbows and beaches and mountains and yes, the love of God. We are indeed surrounded by love and yet we feel at times that we have lost it. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How silly would it seem to us if we were to watch a fish in the ocean swimming around trying to find this thing called water. What would you say to it? The same thing God would probably say to you. “Relax, love is all around you. Do not spend your time looking for it but rather spend your time being grateful for being in it. For if you were not in it for even a moment, you would perish. If you exist at all it is because of the love that surrounds you. Enjoy.”

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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