Master Hypnotist

One thing I do know about you is that you are a Master hypnotist and it has affected every area of your life. “You must be thinking of someone else, Patrick!” No, I’m thinking of you and me. You see, we are all masters of self hypnotism. We have told ourselves what to believe based on what other people have said to or about us and we have repeated it over and over and over again until we take it as fact. If someone said something cruel about us at any age, we try to refute it with different thoughts each time it comes up but every time we bring up what they said it is exactly the same words and emotions. Constantly repeating the same words with the same emotions is the bedrock of hypnotism. Pretty soon what we totally disbelieved when we first heard it has now become a powerful influencing factor in our lives. Since you are a Master hypnotist, why not use it for your benefit? Pay attention to the phrases or thoughts you are repeating and if they are deleteri ous in the slightest way, get rid of them! Start using your power to say different, positive words in their place EVERY TIME! You are the master of your life and you are also the programmer. Program yourself to discard those thoughts that inhibit you and program yourself to constantly and repeatedly think thoughts that make you feel better. You can do it, you’re a master at this.
©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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  2. admin Says:

    Very belatedly I want to thank you. I just found out today that I can reply to these posts. A whole new world is opening up! I hope no one remembers my beginnings. Love and Blessings, Patrick

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