We have been given the ability to think any thought we wish but we seldom exercise this gift. We just do the work at hand and only think about what we are doing if it is new. If we have done it before our thoughts will wander. If we have done it many times before our thoughts will wander even further. 

So how do we tame a wandering mind? How do we stay present? How do we become mindful? The answer is written in the last paragraph. “(We) only think about what we are doing if it is new”. So the secret here is to find ways to make each moment new. A baby, puppy or kitten is always mindful and captivated by the smallest thing because all appears new. In a few years the adult, full grown dog or cat will rarely be amused by a ball of yarn.

Being old has less to do with age and more to do with what we think about. If we have found a way to do nothing new we will cease to be mindful and soon we will wander away with our thoughts. 

The key here is to find something new in each moment. This is not ANOTHER day. This is today, right now and you have never been this old or had this much experience.

You have the ability to smile right now. You have the ability right now to see the work that you are doing from a different perspective. What about that thing you call love that you are always thinking about? You have the ability right now to interject more love into your life and thoughts than ever before. You have the ability to walk your talk right now. You can dream, imagine and plan anything right now. 

Right now you can experience this moment with the utmost gratitude because it is a wonderful, glorious moment unlike any other and it is yours to experience and appreciate. Think about that.

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