No Complaining Tuesdays

 Starting this Tuesday one seventh of your life can instantly become better. You will be in a better mood. Your immune system will improve. Your outlook on life will be enhanced. Your relationships will suddenly shift. All in all you will be happier.

 This week you and I and hopefully a couple of thousand of our Sundrops group will change one seventh of our lives. We will better our own lives while at the same time we will make a positive impact on those we live with, those we work with and all those we come into contact with each Tuesday. 

 The secret to this amazing shift in our lives is called NCT or No Complaining Tuesdays. Each and every Tuesday from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep that night, NO complaining! No complaining about the weather, the sleep you had or didn’t have Monday night, your aches and pains, in other words No complaining, No exceptions. 

 Some Tuesdays will be more difficult than others (Election Day is a Tuesday!) but with practice you can do it each and every Tuesday. Make yourself notes. Put it on your phone, on your to do list. Tell your friends so you can hold each other accountable. Do whatever it takes to remember not to complain on any Tuesday.

 It starts tomorrow and you are the leading edge of this wave. If you didn’t read this today then it starts the next Tuesday from whenever you read this or hear it from a friend. Let’s make Tuesdays special. Let’s make our lives at least one seventh better. 

 No Complaining Tuesdays!!

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