(You are Capable!)

We falsely believe that there are insurmountable obstacles between us and our dreams and yet, you know that in your life you have overcome obstacles that would make a Navy Seal shudder. You’ve gone through the ringer, beaten back the odds, overcome your own mistakes and those of others and you are still here. You couldn’t possibly believe that there is an obstacle that can stop you.

When you set your mind to do something, it is rare that any real obstacle stands in your way. Take for instance the high diving board. The high diving board isn’t an obstacle, it is just a high diving board. People aren’t dying left and right every time they jump or dive and yet something holds us back from trying. It’s not an obstacle, it’s fear.

Fear is not an obstacle! Fear is an imaginary picture of you being laughed at, of you disappointing someone, of you not accomplishing what you swore you could or would do. How could an imaginary picture ever be an obstacle? How could an imaginary picture of a composite of other times you “failed” or were laughed at be an obstacle? How? Because you look at it and say “That could happen and I’d feel bad and I don’t want to feel bad so I won’t do it.”.

Listen, if you don’t “fail”, if you don’t make many mistakes, if you don’t cry into your pillow, if you don’t get laughed at, if you don’t get red-faced and embarrassed, if you don’t stutter and say the wrong thing or no thing, if you don’t want to run and hide… YOU HAVEN’T REALLY LIVED! To live is to hurt sometimes. The payoff is that if you are willing to put up with a little discomfort from time to time, you can get the body you want, the bank account you want, the education you want and most importantly the courage you want.

Stop looking at the imaginary pictures and start doing what you do best, overcoming obstacles and really living.

(c)2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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