On Stage

It is true that all the world is a stage but what is also true is that few of us ever stand on that stage. Oh, we know our stuff and we have prepared a million times in our minds but we never make it out to center stage. The truth of the matter is that most of us are born, live and finally die in the wings. We watch others in the spotlight and we think to ourselves “I could do that” or even “I know I am better than that” and we are right. We actually could do it and we really are better than most that are in the spotlight. What stops us from being out there?

The Great Director gave us a chance and put us in the theater of life and gave us free will to choose what we wanted to do while we are there. So what is holding us back? It is simply our limited sense of our own worthiness. We don’t feel that we are good enough to stand on the stage of life. We started out in this life comparing ourselves to the only people around, our parents. We found that they were smarter, bigger, stronger, more articulate, more independent than we were as a small child. In other words, everyone else in our world was better than we were. As we grew things changed but our initial evaluation of the world didn’t. For many of us, it never will. BUT there are a few just like you who are waking up!

There is something inside of you that has been whispering for a long time and now that whisper is turning into a shout. Listen to it! It is telling you that you are so much better than you ever thought you were. It is telling you that you have been operating under false pretenses. It is shouting the truth to you that most of what you thought mattered…doesn’t! Your life is not to be determined by comparison any more. It’s not about your size, age, background, history or troubles. Your life is to be determined by how much you love yourself and by how much you love others and by how much joy and gratitude you can bring to every moment of your life. That’s it, all of it.

The curtain is going up and the world is clapping and stamping their feet for your appearance. Go ahead out there. You have a lot to tell them.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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