Are you feeling overwhelmed and looking for a solution? If we were to film you for one hour at your busiest time and then play it back in slow motion we would see very clearly that you may have thought that you were multitasking but actually you were doing only one thing at a time. You may flit from moment to moment from one task to another but you are doing only one thing at a time. So, if you are only doing one thing at a time where is the feeling of being overwhelmed coming from? Your mind! Your thoughts are flooding your awareness with everything that has to be done at any time by you. The solution lies in the application of organization and courage. First you must organize on paper what your tasks are and what their priority levels are. Second, you must have the courage to say no, not just to another person but more importantly to yourself. You must have the courage to say no to worrying about how it is all going to get done. You must say no to any feeling of reg ret at the end of the day for what you didn’t do. You must say no to endless thoughts of inadequacy and start appreciating what you do. Most importantly you must stop thinking and saying that you are overwhelmed. Feeling gratitude for a very full life is a much better thought.
©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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