Imagine that you are looking down at a canoe or kayak that was custom made especially for you. You step down into it and it fits you perfectly. You push off into the current and you notice that the workmanship is perfect. The material is perfect. The shape is perfect. It is capable of anything.

You see something interesting over to your left and decide to check it out. You look around inside your perfect craft and freak out! There are no paddles!!!! You are at the mercy of the current. Is that the sound of a waterfall up ahead???

Take a breath. 

Many of us feel like we have no control over where life is taking us. We are in life’s current and it’s taking us to places and situations without our consent.We feel helpless and we are always in fear of the waterfall we imagine lies ahead. We are not living. We are just holding on.

Take a breath.

If we were to step out of our craft we would soon see that all of our fears are unfounded. The current that we thought was all controlling is merely waist deep. All we have to do is step out and look at the situation.

Take a breath.

When we go into our mind looking for answers and see none we freak out and imagine all the worst. Sometimes we just need to step out of our thoughts to realize that our problems are only waist deep. Paddles? They were always there but they were hanging on the outside of the craft and we couldn’t see them until we got out for a moment.

All it takes is a pause. The fear evaporates. The control comes back to us and the journey continues. It all starts when consciously we…

Take a breath.

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 Patrick McBride

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