Pain and Loss

Part of the human experience is pleasure and happiness and part is loss and pain. We will always be somewhat jealous of those that seem to have a disproportionate amount of happiness and we will always cringe at those who seem to have a plethora of pain. Every day we fervently wish to be one of the happy ones and we humbly pray to be spared the fate of the other ones.

But before we pray for a life free from pain and loss we must understand their blessings. Yes, their blessings. Your pain is going to keep you present. It is going to make you prioritize what is worth your energy and time. It is going to make you reach inside and find a way to take the next step when it seems impossible. Your pain is going to summon more strength than you ever thought possible. Your losses are going to test you most of all. Your losses will suck the very will to live from you but you will find that although you may not want to live, life will live through you regardless. You will understand not only the fragility but the power of life. You will go on because life wants you to go on.

Pain and loss will force you to seek and find answers, not THE answers but more importantly YOUR answers. You will create a belief system from those answers and that will sustain you through all your further bouts of pain and loss. These answers are what you will pass on as your wisdom.

Yes, all these are benefits of pain and loss but maybe the greatest benefit of enduring pain and loss is you will know unequivocally who loves you.

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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