What could make today memorable for you? What could happen or what could you do, say or experience that would put this day in the top ten days of your life? Win the lottery? Get promoted? Find mr or mrs right? Have publishers clearing house ring your doorbell?

​​​​​​​ How about moving your little finger? How about just wiggling  your pinky finger? “Oh, right. Move my pinky and this day goes into the top ten rankings of my best days?” “Are you crazy?” Yes, but that’s besides the point. Just give me your attention for a moment.

 Go ahead and look at your pinky right now and wiggle it. Go ahead. What made that happen? You had a thought, a command really, for your pinky to curl towards you a couple of times and that’s exactly what happened. Was there any resistance from your pinky? Was there any doubt that your pinky would respond?

 You just uncovered the secret of the ages. You easily wiggled your pinky finger without resistance or doubt because you THOUGHT that it was easy. You THOUGHT that it was a no brainer. You THOUGHT that all you needed to do was to command and it would happen. And you were RIGHT! 

 Most people have a lackadaisical approach to their bodies. They have forgotten the power of their own commands. They have allowed doubt to steal their strength and authority. They have forgotten their power, the power that resides in their thoughts.

 Today you can command your body to crave better choices, to have better posture, to want some exercise, fresh air and sound sleep, to feel good. Today can be the day that you return to a harmony of mind and body. Today can be the day that you and your resolutions become a team project of mind and body. Today can be one of the best days of your life. It’s as easy as wiggling your little finger. 


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