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Here we are, the last few days before the New Year and the beginning of all of our most desired changes. So, do we just sit out this week like a second string player waiting to get into the game? Do we take the Sooner approach and just start right now? Do we use this week to do in excess all of the things we will promise never to do again after New Year’s Eve? Or (D) NONE OF THE ABOVE? The most productive answer is the last one. The best chance that you have for success this weekend and in every day of your life is to focus on preparation. Success most easily comes to those who do neither too much planning nor too little. Too much planning and all you become good at is planning. Too little planning and we are deer in the headlights, completely shocked at what just appeared. Preparation can help with opening ourselves to the very real possibility that something is going to change either with or without our consent.
Change is always upon us and none of us can prepare for every conceivable outcome. We can however prepare to be strong enough to ACCEPT change. We can learn to not be bullied by change.We can drop our resistance to change. Once we drop our resistance to change, change is just something to be dealt with and not hid from because it loses it’s monster status. This week the best use of our time is to work on being open to change. Don’t do it by playing “What if?”. Do it by playing “I can handle anything!”. The biggest surprise? You really can. Happy New Year and Thank You.

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