(You are Powerful!)

Imagine this. One man is throwing hard round objects at another man. The other man has no hard objects to throw back just a stick. If we see it as a problem, we tell him to run away. If we see it as baseball, we tell him to stay in the game.

Our perception of what a problem is has everything to do with the solution. How we label a problem is the difference between learning and suffering. If we see a bad relationship as our cross to bear there will be great, needless suffering. If we see it as a launching pad for redefining who we are and what we really want it can be a breakthrough to a better life.

How do you label your problems? Are they the sword of Damocles hanging over your head ready to take your life at any moment? Maybe they are the snow pack that threatens to avalanche and bury you if one more flake falls on them. Or maybe, just maybe, they are opportunities. Maybe they are there to to get you strong enough to get rid of a toxic person or maybe a toxic job. Maybe your problem is what leads you to eating healthier or exercising. Maybe your problem is the reason you try something new to generate more income. Then they would no longer be problems, would they?

Look at the problems in your life. What is the world throwing at you? Something to harm you or a chance for you to hit a home run? The right answer determines your happiness. Swing away!

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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