Most people have an opinion on what’s wrong with the world and each and every part of it. Opinions are good. We need to be able to understand that there is work to be done BUT just as sure as the night follows the day, focusing exclusively on problems instead of solutions creates more problems.

When we start reading about and talking about and writing about what’s wrong we find a bunch of it. If we keep looking for what’s wrong we’ll start finding it in places we weren’t even looking. We will find what’s wrong in our relationship, our job, our children, our age, our health, where we live, how we live. Good bye happiness, it was great to know you.

We must constantly ask ourselves whether or not something is truly wrong or is it just not to our liking? We must ask ourselves have we tackled our problems before we take on the world’s problems? Have we paid enough attention to what’s right in our relationships, our country, our world? Is there good in where we live, what we do, our health our age?

Yes, there are problems and an important part of growing is learning which ones you can do something about and which ones you have to learn to live with without being consumed by them. A problem solved is a wonderful feeling and no longer a problem. A problem that is unsolvable right now and yet understood and accepted as part of your life right now is no longer a problem either. Judge your problems as they arise and don’t just add them to a list. Get rid of some, contemplate some and act on some but never, ever be identified by some. Remember, your problems are what you work on but your blessings are who you are.

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