​ After the first few minutes, the problem is no longer the problem. The problem is just a fact like any other fact. Once you have stated and understood the problem, the only logical and beneficial step to take is to spend 100% of your time and energy on searching for a solution. Any time spent with the problem after understanding the problem is a failure on your commitment to find a solution.

Let’s say you walk out the door of your house and after a couple of steps you realize you have a problem. It is raining and you have no umbrella or rain gear. Problem stated and understood. At this point, standing out in the rain trying to ascertain why it is raining, why it is raining on you, why you didn’t know it was raining beforehand is a problem with very wet consequences. None of this thinking, analyzing and contemplation will keep you dry. Action is the solution. Focusing 100% on not getting wetter propels you back into the house quickly and outfits you with the proper attire to venture forth again. Solution.

Take each problem that you have from the minuscule to the gigantic and write it down. Understand it. Give it a number. Throw it away. Take another piece of paper, put only the number of your problem at the top and start contemplating solutions and write each one down.

A piece of paper filled with possible solutions is so much more productive than a mind filled with problems.

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