We wish for the day that we will be free of problems and yet no life at any time is free of problems. First, let us define a problem. A problem is a challenge. We are challenged by the problem’s irritating nature to do something about it. If the problem has a solution, we are challenged to find it and the seeking and soul searching begins (both of which add immeasurably to our growth and wisdom). If we find that the problem has no solution than it is not a problem at all but a fact and we are challenged to accept it as such(a process which will involve both humility and courage).

Anyone can see that a life that is devoid of growth, wisdom, humility and courage would be a poor excuse for a life. So, to wish or to pray for an elimination of problems in our life would be to wish or to pray for a greatly diminished life. What Heavenly being would be so cruel as to grant that wish?
The answer to happiness therefore does not reside in getting free of problems but to put them into a proper perspective. Your problems are a challenge, no more no less. Find out whether there is a solution or not and act accordingly. See your problems as gdirfatmsa (hint:remove the letters d-r-a-m-a  and it makes sense!).
This physical life has an expiration date and between now and then you get to be challenged and how you handle those challenges will determine your growth, your strength, your happiness and the happiness of everyone around you. Problem? Never had them! Challenges? I’ve had a few. Thank Heavens!!

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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