“Be rich!” they shout. “Own yachts and mansions!” they shout. “It is your destiny!” they shout. But they whisper “You are not enough”. And they whisper “You are weak”. And they whisper “You will always be a follower”.

​​​​​​​You hear the shouts and they don’t resonate with you but your fears hear the whispers and they scare you and you force yourself to believe the shouts just so they can drown out the whispers.

If everyone in this world were monetarily rich, this world would be a tapestry of one color and it would be a world that disappeared very quickly. If all were rich, there would be no garbage collections, no sewer workers, no miners, no ditch diggers. There would be no one to build the mansions or the yachts. Those who sell the lie of being rich are really selling the idea of separation, of privilege, of exclusivity.

But wait…there are other voices that are neither shouting or whispering. They are the soft voices and they say “Be kind. Be thankful. Be love.” They say “Wanting a bit more is fine but also make the best of what you have and be thankful.”

If everyone in this world was kind and grateful and loving, it would be a tapestry of many colors. There would be every job imaginable so that the whole could continue and thrive. Those who are speaking softly of love and gratitude and kindness are selling too. They are selling an idea of togetherness, of community, of contentment.

The hucksters and the charlatans can only feed your fears and leave you feeling incompetent and unfortunate and lees than but nothing could be farther from the truth. And the truth is…

You are not your net worth or your debt or your possessions and you never will be. You are an amazing being capable of enjoying the gift of your own life. You have been given the gift of senses that allow you to feel and taste and hear and see nature and human creations that are priceless. You have been given a life of contrast so that all of life can touch you and feed you. 

You are blessed. You are guided. You are protected. And right now you are exactly where and who you should be. Kindness and gratitude and love resonate with you because that is who you are and when you own who you really are, fear can find no place in you. 

Be a yes in a no world. Be a lighthouse in the fog. Be wonderful and loving in thought and deed. Be gentle with yourself for you are precious and priceless. 

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 Patrick McBride

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