What is a loveless relationship? A loveless relationship is a rose bush that lives but never flowers. There may be some caring and concern but if love (there are no substitutes) is missing what is the purpose of being in a relationship? What is the purpose of wanting flowers with their beauty and intoxicating scents and settling for just green leaves?

​We are not just talking about marriage here. Loveless relationships are everywhere. Children and parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, coworkers are all relationships and sadly some are loveless. 

Let’s get one thing straight, you deserve love and it’s out there. It may not be where you are right this minute but it exists. When a person has been dying of thirst, they will drink the most toxic water just to alleviate their thirst. Don’t do that! Don’t run off with the first toxic person who espouses love. Wait for LOVE.

There are relationships that we are entrenched in such as parents and children for example but there is a way to get what you want regardless of your situation. 

​ Firstly, make yourself attractive. No, not makeup or muscles. Loving yourself, loving life, loving God, loving your body, loving the sun, moon and stars and all the puppies and kittens and everything else makes you very attractive.

Secondly, like attracts like. If you are filled with love you will attract and be attracted to loving people. When you start complaining about a lack of love, you drain the love you have and you become less attractive to loving people and more attractive to drained people who complain about a lack of love. 

A rosebush needs to be tended to often and it needs to be fed what it needs to blossom. Feed yourself with a positive expectancy and a positive outlook. Tend to yourself often and bloom, bloom, bloom. 

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