The greatest work is your selfishness. Practice it. Perfect it.

OMG! What is he saying? Doesn’t he know that we need to share, to help, to give until we have no more to give? Sacrifice for your friends and family. Isn’t the mantra of all of the good people selflessness? What kind of eighties throwback me generation thinking is this?

Listen. You must be thoroughly and perfectly selfish before you can ever hope to be selfless. If you don’t work on you, what do you have to give? If you do not follow the principles of health and abundance and devotion yourself, how can you teach by example? If you have not lit your own candle, how will you light others?

Take a close, long look at yourself. Are you walking your talk? Are you as kind to yourself as you espouse to be to the rest of humanity? It is good to be all Gandhi like in your meditation and your yoga practice but what happens when you get off your mat? Is your home, your room, your workplace a place of tranquility and balance?

Or is your mind filled with thoughts of abundant problems and scarce resources? Are you coaching, teaching, instructing others to believe in their own awesomeness? What about yours?

If you want to make a positive difference in your world, your family, your workplace, your relationships then you have to work on you. You have to be selfish for a while until you are what you teach. Get healthy. Get happy. Wear your best clothes. Eat better. Use the good plates. Declutter your surroundings. Have patience. Believe in abundance. Expect good fortune. Love yourself unconditionally. Walk in gratitude. Look for what is right in you. Accept yourself.

Who you are when you are walking in nature or on the mat, in the temple, church, synagogue or ashram is who you need to be as often as you can. A loving, balanced, positive, peaceful you is the best gift you can give to anyone. Be a little selfish. Practice what you preach. The world, your world is wanting you to make a positive difference. Don’t disappoint them.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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  1. Rachel Says:

    hi-ya, I like all your posts, keep them coming.

  2. Eloise Says:

    Okay I’m convinced. Let’s put it to aciotn.

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