Shake it up!

Most days, we have a routine. We try to not let anything bad happen, have on hand what’s needed for dinner and communicate with the people we need to communicate with, worry about money, make some definite plans for tomorrow and make some vague plans for “someday”. That’s about it. Do you see why a shake up is necessary? Life is screaming to be expressed through you. Life wants experiences. Life wants love. Life wants to affirm its existence in you and through you.

Let’s make it happen! Tomorrow morning as you get out of bed and your feet touch the floor, Say “I’m” as one foot touches and say “Grateful” as the other foot touches the floor. Never forget this for the rest of your life. If you forget, when you remember, go back and sit on the bed and get up again the right way. There is no better way to touch the earth each morning. Figure out a different breakfast for tomorrow, tonight! Think of four people who you are going to make sure that they know you love them tomorrow and tell them or do something special for them. Small or large. Pick the naughtiest thing you can imagine and write it down and keep it in your pocket all day. Drop a one dollar bill in a parking lot or street when no one is looking and imagine the joy you just bought for one dollar when someone finds it especially if you do it by a school or playground. Send a thank you e-mail to someone. Write down three good things about yourself. Spend a minute looking at them. Say one prayer for everyone in the world, no exceptions. Take a conscious breath and smile.

Shaking things up doesn’t mean flying off to Tahiti. It means waking up to what is around you. It means becoming aware of your ability to make a difference in other people’s lives. It means that you take an active role in your existence. It means that you live a little larger. That you smile more. That you become an active participant in your life. That you grab the wheel and switch off the autopilot even for a little while. Life wanted me to tell you that your tomorrow looks awesome! Be there!

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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