What does the darkness look like? It’s… well, it’s kinda like… it’s ah, well, it’s dark. Absolutely correct! When darkness descends on any part of our life or in some cases on our whole life, it is beyond words because we can only describe things in the light. So when someone is experiencing darkness in their life it is useless to ask what’s wrong. The only answer of any truth would be that it is dark.

If a person is in darkness they don’t need someone to describe what it would be like if they weren’t. A voice from the sunny entrance to a cave yelling directions and those words echoing all around the darkness of the cave does not help the person lost in the cave find their way out.

If you want to help someone who is in the dark you must shine so brightly that they can get their bearings. Joining them in the dark without shining brightly just puts two people in the dark. To help you must shine. Shining is not perfect or uplifting words. Shining is an act of love first for yourself and then for everything else within your light. Shining is keeping your light lit with your own uplifting thoughts.

If you want to help, shine. Shine with love. Shine with compassion. Shine with gratitude. Shine with non-judgement. Shine with your eyes, smile and posture. Shine REGARDLESS of whether it is accepted, appreciated or acknowledged. You are not here to fight the darkness. You are here to shine so brightly that there is no darkness.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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