Small is better

(You can make a difference!)

If you had one billion dollars and you shared it with everyone in the world, each person would get about fifteen cents. This really wouldn’t change very many lives.

Our world is a big, big place with many, many people. Whether you have a billion dollars or not, you have a big, big heart with many, many opportunities. How can you best help? Accept that you will never be able to help everyone. One cup of water for the whole garden on a hot day and the whole garden dies. Understand that you are more effective when you narrow your focus. One cup of water for one corn stalk and you have food and seeds for more corn.

Stop worrying about what you cannot control. In other words, stop worrying about the fate of the world. All that does is make you feel impotent and useless. Focus, focus, focus. Who in your family needs help? Who in your neighborhood needs help? What pets need more love? Who do you know that needs a hug, a touch, a compliment? Take care of these needs and you are both empowered and effective.

We are being paralyzed by taking a world view of everything. The way out of this paralysis is to stop worrying about everything and take action on something. Do something but make it a small something and do it with great awareness, love and passion. You can’t make the whole world feel good but I’ll bet that there are a couple of people in your life whose lives would be a whole lot better if you gave them more of your attention and love. Try it. Think small. The rewards are enormous.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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