When we think of power we think of nature or maybe people in high positions. We have seen the power of a storm. We have read enough history to know that some individuals can hold incredible power. There is another kind of power however that is different from all the rest.

It is the power of a smile. I know, it seems like we are comparing kittens to wild beasts of fury but think about what a smile means to you. How do you feel when you know you screwed up and you are waiting to be chastised but instead you receive a smile of understanding? How do you feel when you are looking at a baby and trying to connect with them by making faces and preposterous sounds when suddenly the baby looks at you and smiles?

In fact there probably wouldn’t be any babies if it weren’t for the power of a smile. People rarely frown at each other when first meeting and decide to have a baby. A smile that communicates love and kindness is really what keeps this world growing. How many times have you bought something due in part to the smile of the person who helped you?

A smile is power. It is the power to communicate what is in your heart better than any word or group of words in any language. A smile is a universal communication. We are drawn to people who smile from their heart. A smile given to another person or to the mirror feels good.

Practice smiling when no one is around. A smile when you are alone can open doors of optimism and creativity for you instantly. Feel the power it has upon you. Even the briefest smile feels rejuvenating. There is an old saying (about two minutes old) that says “A smile communicates that whatever is going on, I can handle it.” Be powerful, smile.

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