Like billions and billions of hot air balloons hovering just a few feet above the ground, we float along knowing that we are capable of going much higher but not knowing exactly how. We look down and feel sorry for those who are still on the ground and we jealously look up at those who have soared much higher than us.

Maybe we need to have more stuff we tell ourselves. So we get more of everything and yet following this line of thinking we seem to actually lose altitude. Maybe we would go much higher if we were in a different place so we move again and again and still no higher.

Finally, we tell ourselves that we were meant to fly only this high because of our mistakes or shortcomings. We tell ourselves that we are just not the type of person that soars any higher and that we should be filled with gratitude that we are not on the ground. From then on, we soar a few feet higher and we celebrate. We lose a couple of feet in altitude and we get depressed.

One day, if we are lucky, we realize that we are not alone in our balloon. We look around and we see the people who have hurt us, the people who have embarrassed us, the ones who put us down, the ones who betrayed us and if we are strong we order them to leave and lo and behold we start moving higher. When they have left we see that there are beliefs and baggage that have been weighing us down too. Over the side with them! And we move higher still.

Soon we are soaring with those who travel lightly in their emotions and memories and we will have learned two of the greatest lessons; ONE, good people are to be kept, idiosyncrasies and all, toxic people are to be tossed away even if they are bejeweled and TWO, good experiences are to be kept, wrappings and all and bad experiences are to be tossed away keeping only the lesson learned.

Lighten up and soar!

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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