“What do I want to be when I grow up?” The reason that this question rarely has an answer and usually becomes an increasingly irritating problem is because we imagine that our future should look like an uncooked stick of spaghetti. In reality though, our future will look very similar to cooked spaghetti, filled with twists and turns and changing every time we interact with it. So what’s the answer?

If you wanted to climb a mountain trail but you had a beautiful sports car you would never make it. If you had a minivan and wanted to compete with race cars you probably wouldn’t do too well. So, the first order of business is to know who you are. This is about your discipline, your stamina, your physical abilities. What can you physically see yourself doing?

Next, what do you like? Don’t go looking for what you are wildly passionate about every day because for most of us that changes faster than the weather. Look for what feels good. Look for what makes you smile. Look for something that you daydream about often. Don’t worry if it sounds like the road to poverty. It’s a starting place not a destination.

Next, who do you think you would be if you did something different? Most of us want to change what we are doing in some area of our life but we don’t want to be any different than the person we are right now. Sorry but when anything in your life changes no matter how small, you change.

Remember the cooked spaghetti? Well, remember that no matter how great you plan or how badly you plan, life is going to take you on one helluva ride. It might look like some people have an uncooked spaghetti life but if you could see inside their hearts and minds, you would see that every one of us is following the cooked spaghetti route in some or all areas of our life.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A person that is not afraid to change is the best answer. Put that out there. Don’t try to exact some kind of security clause in case it doesn’t work out as planned. Just be okay with change. There is a higher part of you that knows where you are going and how you will get there. Just take relaxed action and work with life. Directional signs will pop up everywhere once you relax. An fear of change is the obstacle and not a lack of foresight. Remember, you are doing better than you think.

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