We didn’t all win the spelling bee or the ball game. We never got singled out for our great thoughts and our love and caring like we thought we should. And so we gave up on feeling special and we tried to think of ourselves as just like everyone else. We started to practice fitting in and being like everyone else or at least trying to be like the people we liked. The truth of the matter is that as hard we tried, we didn’t fit in. Oh, we tried. Boy, did we try. It just didn’t work for us like it seemed to work for everyone else.

The estrangement comes from the fact that we know our inner world and we compare our inner world to everyone’s outer projection. We think that their projection is who they are on the inside. We are wrong. They are just trying to fit in too.

It’s hard to see the oneness of people when everyone acts so differently and believes so differently. It’s hard to see us all as one big family unless you also believe in extreme limits of being dysfunctional. The truth is we are all one on the inside not on the outside. The outside is where we act as cops and robbers and protagonists and antagonists and strangers and lovers. The inside is where we love.

Whatever part you are playing or projecting right now, know that your heart beats in harmony with over seven billion others and that long after your physical heart stops beating, the pulse of life that is common to all of us will continue to beat in you. That’s our oneness.

On the outside you and I will have moments of being special and moments of being not so special but that is just the parts we are playing. Don’t take it so seriously! It is the inside that keeps us eternally connected and eternally special. Have fun with the outside, with what you can create and what you can experience but if you want to feel special look nowhere but inside. Search for the source of love within you and you will be amazed at how special you really are in every moment.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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