Staring at Shiny Objects

I drove all night to get to the cabin before dawn so that I could get a couple of hours of sleep there before the climb started. I was the last one up in the morning and I walked out to the living room to greet the others. They were watching the stock market on one TV and the world news on the other. As they packed their gear, they kept a running commentary on what was being reported.

I grabbed a cup of tea and I asked “What’s the weather going to be like today?” They looked to each other and then back to me and most shrugged their shoulders and a couple just stared. No one knew.

Every one of them knew what the stock market was doing and what was going on in the world but not one could tell what was going to personally affect us that day. One guy inched over and changed the channel to the weather station and everyone turned to stare.

We spend so much time trying to learn things and so little time on discernment of what we are learning. I knew a fellow once who knew everything there was to know about whales but didn’t know his own son was an addict.

Ask yourself “What am I learning?” And then ask yourself “What means the most to me?” If there is a similar answer to both questions, you are doing fine. But if you’re learning about the latest movies or gossip and your success means the most to you, there’s some adjusting to be done. Are you learning about what means the most to you?

There is a plethora of info out there. Some of it can help you to be more loving, more successful, more knowledgeable, more aware and a lot of it can waste your time, your life. Ask yourself, every now and then “Is what I am doing and thinking right now adding to my growth, my dreams, my goals or am I just staring at shiny objects?”

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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