Stepping on Glass

Stepping on Glass

Walking barefoot and stepping on a piece of glass is usually a painful experience. I say usually because there is one place where that isn’t true. Go down to where the ocean waves crash upon the sand and there you will find pieces of glass that were once sharp, worthless shards but are now smooth treasures from the sea that we covet. What happened?

Our problems, be they relationships, job, money, spiritual or health related are sharp objects that cut into our psyche every time they come to mind. Time and time again they cut into our happiness. They continuously bleed us of any optimism or solution. There seems to be no way to handle them without pain. What can we do?

Let go. Throw it into the sea. “But I don’t live near the ocean” you say. I’m not talking about the salt water ocean. I’m talking about about the sea of consciousness. I’m talking about what I call God. When the pain becomes unbearable, I always say “Dear God. You have got my attention with this pain. Please take it away. Tumble it with your love and return to me the lesson.” It comes back looking the same as the pain but now it has no rough or sharp edges. Now it no longer cuts. Now it is a treasure, an important addition to my life, part of my wealth.

How many times have you heard a person describe their worst crisis as a blessing? It’s because the sharp edges are gone and they now see the treasure. Nothing that comes into your life is a punishment. Everything is a blessing. When you see your life this way, your life becomes better than it has ever been.
May all the glass you step on be smooth.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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