Stir it up

Imagine that you are standing in front of the stove and you have something in a pot in front of you that requires stirring while it cooks. You stand there with a wooden spoon in your hand and you think about all of the ways you could possibly stir what’s in the pot. Maybe you should stir it clockwise or maybe it would be better to stir it counterclockwise or maybe that will ruin it or maybe back and forth or up and down. While you endlessly debate which way to stir while not actually stirring at all, the meal is ruined.

It might sound a little far fetched to think that someone would do such a thing but isn’t that precisely what we do in some areas of our life? We endlessly debate changing a relationship but never actually act upon it. We don’t like the job we have but we endlessly debate what we would do instead. We want to change our friends, our weight, our health, our finances, our sex life, our self image, our connection to the Divine but it just remains a thought.

Thinking is good. Debating the pros and cons of some parts of our life is excellent but unless the thinking and the debating lead to actual changes, it is a useless, self deceiving, waste of time. We must act. “But what if I choose wrong? What if I regret my choice? What if I cause myself pain?”. These are not just questions. These are the very bars of your cell. This is your prison.

Free yourself! No one can do it for you. Get moving! Make changes. Get out of any part of your life that feels like a prison. Make those changes before they turn into regrets. You won’t always be right but you will always be proud that you did something you thought was right. Go ahead, stir up your life. It won’t be delicious unless you do.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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