Don’t look back

February 1st, 2016

Every change we attempt to make is going to be judged, influenced and battered by the ghosts of our past. So how do we make effective changes in our life?

If you go on certain rides you are going to get scared. If you go into a haunted house you are going to get scared. If you watch a horror movie you are going to get scared. How do we stop getting scared from these things? Answer – we don’t go on rides that scare us. We don’t go into haunted houses. We don’t watch horror movies. 

So how do we stop being battered, judged and influenced by the ghosts of our past? Answer -we don’t unnecessarily go into our past. There is more than enough in this present moment to keep you occupied. Only in this present moment do you have the power to begin anything you want. You can take a step in any direction. In this present moment there is opportunity, choice and a blank canvas. In the past there is only an unalterable history.

Effective change requires presence, your presence. Any change you want to make can start right now. Start thinking about it and it begins. It will continue in a positive way UNLESS you look back. The lessons of your past have made you more than capable of having an amazing present. The lessons have been learned. A review is unnecessary. A comparison is unnecessary. Leave the past in the past. Embrace new beginnings right now and stay with them. 

We don’t have eyes in the back of our head because we were made to always be looking forward. 

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