What’s Missing

September 4th, 2012

(You are better!)

We pray for an increase in happiness and a decrease in the suffering for ourselves and those we love and we have seen those prayers answered time and time again but is something missing?

When we do pray for ourselves (a rarity because we think that everyone else is more important and somehow there’s something wrong or selfish asking for ourselves) we usually ask for the bare minimum that we need. Let me ask you a question or two; have you ever looked up a a clear night’s sky? Does that say “I’m Limited” to you? Have you ever looked out from a high place and seen a vast vista in front of you? Does that say “I’m Limited” to you? Have you seen the skyscrapers and the crowds of people all over this earth? Does that say “I’m Limited” to you?

If the sky and the endless vistas and the billions of people and buildings and homes says “I am expanding” and you are definitely a part of all that, why do you think that you are contracting or limited? It’s because you have experienced suffering and contractions and you are scared to death that it going to happen again or get worse if you are already in it.

The in breath follows the exhale. The high tide follows the low tide. What’s missing in our prayers is the belief that we are getting better, that EVERYTHING in our life is getting better. The ocean does not fail at low tide. Our lungs do not fail at exhalation. We don’t fail when things seem difficult. We are expanding. We are growing. We are getting better and better. If it seems like it’s going in the opposite direction, hooray!, that means it’s going to come back bigger and better. Are you ready?

(c)2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride