September 7th, 2016

Today I started to be happy. To those thoughts that hindered my happiness I gave the eviction notice of “Go in peace, thank you”. Without an eviction notice they would become squatters and soon they would be confirmed as permanent residents. 

I know now that my happiness needs to be fed, nurtured and protected. I cannot just expect to go somewhere or buy something and be happy forever. 

I cannot expect some Divine entity to check on me and see if I am following some ancient rules to the letter and only if I am, grant me happiness. 

I cannot expect my good works to absolve me from thinking thoughts that drag me away from happiness. I have found that it is quite possible to do good things and still think worrying thoughts.

Like hot water on a beautiful ice sculpture, I have found that my dreams disappear when I become overwhelmed with what is wrong in this world.

Today I started to be happy. I will not turn my eyes from the suffering in this world or from the pain of its inhabitants but I will strive to shine brightly regardless.

It would be a terrible excuse for a lighthouse to be only dimly lit because there was a raging storm going on. It is in the storm and in the darkness that its brightest output is required.

Today I started to be happy and to begin to let my happiness fuel the light within me. Today I know that I cannot calm all the seas but that I can make the seas around me brighter.

Today is a very good day.

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This is It!!

June 14th, 2010

This is it! This is the very moment that starts the rest of your life. You’ve waited for a special moment when you could start putting into practice everything you have read and studied and wished. You have wanted to start acting more confident. You have wanted to be more positive. You have wanted to not let the little things upset you. You have wanted to be more peaceful. You have wanted to start bringing more abundance into your life. Well, this is it. This is precisely the moment when it all starts. There never was a moment as perfect for beginning as this one.

In order to begin all that is necessary is for you to take your thoughts off auto pilot and put them on manual control. Once on manual, you will start thinking only those thoughts that enhance your well being. Thoughts of fear-gone! Thoughts of lack-gone! Thoughts of sickness-gone! Thoughts of weakness- gone, gone, gone!! Thoughts of strength-Hello! Thoughts of abundance- Glad to have you back! Thoughts of wellness – I missed you! Thoughts of spirituality- welcome back!
The next few weeks won’t be easy as you turn your life and your thoughts around. Concentrate on the successes and not the slip ups. Refocus as quick as you can on joy and love especially for yourself. Let’s get started!!

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride