Take off the dark glasses!!

You reflect on your life in a good mood and you say “It’s been great!”. You reflect on your life in a down mood and you say ” It’s always been disappointing!”. In both reflections you are talking about the exact same life. Which one is right? Is one a lie? The truth is that everything in this world is exactly how you perceive it to be at that moment. It really is all about you. All you ever have is your own perspective. If you put on a pair of glasses with very dark lenses and wore them in a dark room you would stumble around as if blind. Would you be lying? No, of course not. You would honestly not be able to see well. If you didn’t believe that it was the dark glasses that were the cause of your inability to see more clearly you would resign yourself to believing that you really couldn’t see very well.
What you see is totally dependent upon how you feel and that’s it! The circular part of all of this is that how you feel is soon influenced by how you see things. You feel ugly -you see only ugliness-which makes you feel ugly -which makes you see ugly-ad infinitum. This continues for a while or a lifetime or until you shout ENOUGH! and make a commitment to yourself and to Heaven to look for what is right and beautiful no matter how you feel or what you see. Understand, it really is all about you. Your happiness, your contentment, your joy are all a direct result of how your are seeing. You were born without dark glasses and that’s why you smiled so much. Somewhere along the line someone convinced you that it would be better if you wore the dark glasses. They were wrong. Take them off. See the beauty in your life. See the beauty and love in everything around you. See the unbelievably marvelous creation that you are a part of and be happy. All really is well.


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