Umhmm, enhnnn, grunt. This is not just random gibberish. These are the sounds of the death of a relationship. These are what Oh yes, No thanks, That sounds good, used to sound like before you started taking the other person for granted.

Believing that your relationship requires so little to keep it going, you may come to a time in your relationship when you think that a mere grunt will suffice for communication. Would you even be in this relationship if you communicated the way you do now when the relationship was beginning? Of course not.

We are not just talking about significant others here. We are talking about everyone you interact with in any way. Isn’t a child worthy of a word instead of a grunt? Isn’t a friend worthy of your vocabulary? Isn’t a stranger owed a complete sentence?

‚Äč We hear all the time about being present, about being loving, about caring. All of these things are born of communication. You know how to communicate. You are blessed with language and understanding. Are you hiding these talents under a bushel basket?

The day will come for each and every one of us when no more words will come from our lips. Between now and then when we have the chance, let us use the beautiful words that we have learned. Let us echo the love we have in our hearts with the words that come out of our mouths. Let the people in our life, especially the ones we love, know that we will take the time to express our answers in a loving and present way without exception. Let your words repeatedly confirm that you will never take them for granted.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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