I wrote this in 2011 and I believe that it is a still a great idea. Enjoy!!

I know that there are many of you in many countries all over the world who read these daily Sundrops. Tomorrow in the US is the holiday of Thanksgiving and I would like to propose a new way of celebrating it. A new way in which everyone in the world can participate. Starting tomorrow, let the day be not only a day of thanksgiving and gratitude but from now on let this day be criticism free.

No matter where we live or what beliefs we hold, every year on the fourth Thursday in November, let us all be criticism free for a day. Let us all refuse to criticize anything about this day. We will refuse to criticize how others act just for this day. We will refuse to criticize the weather, the food, the neighbors, any country, any person. We will not criticize what others believe or how they raise their children or what they do with their money or how anyone drives. We will politely listen to others criticize but not add a gram of our own.

Whatever we have will be enough for this one day. Whatever others have or how they got it will be fine for this day. Whatever criticisms we have of governments, corporations, politicians, media, medical fields or even ourselves we will postpone for one day.

Every year let the fourth Thursday of November be a great holiday for each and every one of us. Let us celebrate this holiday by being completely without criticism of any person, place or condition. Let us celebrate what is well and right in this world. We will find that when we let ourselves be entirely devoid of criticism, it will open more room for Gratitude and Thanksgiving and that is guaranteed to make us happy. I wish you a very happy day!

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 Patrick McBride

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