The Car

Yesterday, I was sitting in the parking lot and staring at a brand new Rolls Royce to my left. I hadn’t seen one in years. As far as cars go, it was beautiful and as far as symbols go, it was up there in the stratosphere. As I condensed my shopping list to what I actually needed, I was hoping that the owner would come out so that I could judge them.

A minute or two later, a top of the line, brand new Mercedes pulled into the empty space in front of me. The woman got out and her eyes locked on the Rolls to her right. She dug into her very expensive purse, pulled out her phone and started snapping picture of the Rolls. She saw me staring at her and the Rolls and she said. “My dream car”. I nodded in approval and she went in to shop.

As improbable as it sounds, someone, somewhere was probably lusting after my ten year old Toyota as I was lusting after the Mercedes in front of me and the lady, now shopping, was lusting after the Rolls. I’m sure that the driver of the Rolls was lusting after some other car in the world too.

There was a whole lot of lusting going on at the grocery store yesterday and that got me to thinking about how much is enough and I realized that there is never enough and there shouldn’t be. Do we want more air than the breath we just took? Do we want another meal after all we ate yesterday? Do we want some sleep tonight even though we slept last night? Do we want more for our loved ones? Yes, yes, yes and yes!

Wanting is not wrong. It is life’s desire for expansion. It is only when the wanting overshadows our gratitude for where we are and what blessings we have right now that we lose our way. Remember, if you curse where you are in life, you will remain there.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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