The Door

There is a door up ahead. Behind that door is everything you ever prayed for, wished or wanted. It’s a plain looking door and all you have to do is keep right on walking until you get to it and like one of those super market doors, it will just swing wide open for you as soon as you get close enough.So why all the anxiety and worry about things not working out? It is because between you and that plain looking door, there are other doors on the sides. They are beautiful ornate doors with gorgeous entrances but behind each door is a very small room filled with promises and IOU’s. That’s it, nothing but promises and IOU’s. So why don’t we just leave those little rooms and continue towards the plain door at the end? Because we are dazzled by what glitters. We believe the promises and the IOU’s because there just has to be something of worth behind such a beautiful door and so we stay in the little room waiting for the promises to come true and the IOU’s to be redeemed.
If you find yourself with a bunch of empty promises and nonredeemable IOU’s, it’s time to make a change. You know where you were going before you got side tracked. You know the way back to the truth, your truth. You know that you really can have it all and not settle for empty promises. No one is stopping you . Make the change. It’s time and you know it.


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