The Missing Link

Contrary to popular opinion, most people do have goals and plans. Some plans are vague and some are very specific but in the vast majority of cases, if those goals and plans don’t work out there is one specific cause, one common missing link. The missing link here is what powers our dreams and imagination. It is the essential ingredient for success in any area of our lives. It is irreplaceable in business, relationships and especially in regards to our health. It is…

ENTHUSIASM!! (USC band starts playing, confetti and balloons shower down, people start hugging each other and jumping up and down!) YES! That kind of enthusiasm. The higher the level of enthusiasm and the more prolonged the feeling of enthusiasm, the better the chances of success. Not only that but the happiness indicators go through the roof.

What happens when you first fall in love? It’s like Gene Kelly dancing in Singing in the Rain. Over the top joy and enthusiasm. How about a wedding, birth, promotion, visit from a loved one, a joyous holiday, a graduation, the final payment on a house, the planning of an adventure. All of these thing spark our enthusiasm for a great future. And when we are enthusiastic about our future, all is very, very well.

We can reverse engineer this too. If we start smiling and we adopt an everything is possible attitude and we put on our rose colored glasses and we tell doubt and worry to get lost, we can bring enthusiasm into anything we do and with enough enthusiasm, our world changes quickly.

The root of the word enthusiasm is from the ancient Greek word “enthous” meaning possessed and inspired by God. Does that sound like a good fit for you and anything you want to accomplish? Let’s get a little rah-rah about our work and our health and our future. Let’s stop talking about that hand basket and it’s fiery destination and let’s get ourselves enthusiastic about our life, our possibilities and our blessings. Ready for a change?

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