The Port of New Year’s Eve

(The Port Of New Year’s Eve)

The Maker of your ship gave you this vessel to travel in all the days of your life. As we all get ready to sail into 2013, to where have you plotted a course? Is it written down and mapped out? Or is it just a vague “try to stay clear of any storms and try not to sink” kind of a plan? Has your ship seen better days? Is there work to be done? Do you have a plan to do it? Is it written down? Are you carrying baggage that is of no more use to you? Are there passengers that need to be put ashore? Are there passengers who need to be picked up?

There is a year’s journey in front of you. In one year, God willing, you’ll be back here at the Port of New Year’s Eve. What will you have to say about your journey? Did you travel with companions that enhanced the trip and helped out? Did you rely on God as your first mate or did you try to go it alone? Did you go around the storms that you could and did you find the courage to go through the storms you couldn’t avoid? Are you wiser and more compassionate than when you left? Did you make a difference?

We will all set sail into the New Year this evening, each in our own vessel. I can’t sail your ship and you can’t sail mine but as we set sail I know that we sail in the same ocean and breathe the same air and see the same sun and moon and stars. I pray that you will find more love than ever before in this year. I pray that you will go to sleep each night in peacefulness and in gratitude and you will awaken each morning to abundant happiness, love and opportunities. And if we should meet, and I hope we will, I pray that you and I will both be surprised at the amount of love we see in each other. Happy New Year and Bon Voyage!

(c)2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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