The rest of your life

I stood by my Father’s bedside as he passed away last week. He had Alzheimer’s and a broken heart from the recent death of my Mother. As I watched his passing I realized that there is some date in the future that has my death notice on it. Maybe it is already written. Maybe it is still to be decided but no matter which, there is a date in the future that each one of us will pass from this physical life. Ask yourself; What am I going to do between now and then? Is what I have done so far enough for people to say that I really lived? Is what I have done up until this moment a legacy that will inspire others? Will anyone say that I made a difference? Could I have done more?
Life can change quickly. Right this minute, the ERs of this country are filled with people who had other plans for this day. The rest of your life, although of indeterminate length, is in front of you like wet clay waiting to be sculpted. Are you going to create another yesterday or the tomorrow you always wanted? You wanted to make a change…write it down. You wanted more love …love others more. You wanted more fun …go get it. You wanted more courage …believe in yourself. You wanted someone to always be there for you …find your faith. Love more, worry less. Care more, gossip less. Help more, criticize less. Dream more, regret less. Choose happiness for yourself and others. Do these and you will have really lived.


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