The Ride of Your Life

Being on a train that goes around in the same circle would be maddening after a while and we would pay any price to leave and yet, a roller coaster with the same amount of track going in the same circle would be a constant source of excitement and we would pay any price to stay on.

We sit and we think, “Oh, If I didn’t have any problems, life would just be so wonderful.” Poppycock! It is the problems and the upsets and the quandaries that provide the excitement on our ride through life. “Oh, if I could just lay on a beach and do nothing, I’d be so happy.” Poppycock, Poppycock! You’d be mad as a hatter after a couple of months if you had nothing to excite you.

Embrace your problems! Love your upsets! Welcome your quandaries! Sure, they are the anxiety producing clank, clank, clank as the roller coaster struggles to climb but as you get to the top, suddenly you see clearly all around you and immediately the rush of excitement fills every cell in your body and the thrill is on!

Too soon the ride is over. You look at the other strangers as you exit and you nod and smile at the shared experience and your only thought is, can we do this again?

Life is a wonderful, exhilarating ride. At times, it’s scary and unnerving and filled with anxiety but really, you never leave the tracks and if you turn your focus away from the ride for just a moment you can see that there really is someone in the booth that’s handling all the controls and making sure that you are excited and safe and having the ride of your life. Enjoy!

(C) 2012 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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