The Rosebud

A rosebud is a beautiful creation. It suddenly appears all tightly wrapped and we look at its beauty which is part rosebud and also the promise of the rose. We check day after day awaiting its arrival and if it just stays a bud, we lose interest and check only once in a while and then rarely. But no matter how long the rosebud has stayed in that state and no matter how disinterested we became, when it starts to bloom, it is day one all over again. We watch and our joy and our expectation shoots to high levels once again. We are enraptured. We tell ourselves that we always knew it was going to be a great one and we enjoy.

We are all born like the rosebud. People look at us with joy and they wait patiently for our blossoming. Years go by and soon even our most diehard fans may lose interest. But dreams like rosebuds don’t die, they wait. Sometimes the wait is long but sooner or later there is a stirring and the blossoming begins. Life, like the rose follows a heavenly clock. The time of blooming for both flower and person is set by the maker of the clock and all of nature follows.

As you walk or drive the streets today you will see buds and you will see flowers. As you look in the mirror tonight you will see part bud and part flower. Rejoice! You are in the process of blooming. It doesn’t matter how long it took or when it started. Look at yourself from now on with great expectation. Look at yourself and know that your time has come. The rose needs neither permission nor applause to blossom and neither do you. Go ahead and give energy to that stirring within you. Soon, everyone will say that they knew you were going to be great. Smile and enjoy.

(C) 2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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