The Season of Love

About two thousand years ago a baby was born just like so many others but this one would change the world. The baby Jesus was born and things would never be quite the same again. Now whether the date is right or the description of the events is right doesn’t matter. Whether this child was a prophet or a god or an alien doesn’t matter either. Whether he did this or that doesn’t matter either. The only thing that matters was that he loved and that he loved so big and so much that he will never be forgotten.

The message this time of year is love. Now whether that love is equated with the lights of Diwali or the lights of the Menorah or the growing daylight after the Solstice or the birth of a special child, it’s all the same message. To argue over dates and times and acts and perceptions and not focus on the love is to find fault with the box that holds the diamond and never open it.

You don’t have to believe in anything specific to understand how good it feels to love and be loved. Your beliefs aren’t armor to be put on to protect you. Your beliefs should help you shed the armor of ignorance, to be able to stand naked before the world and know, like Jesus, that the only thing that matters is that you love and that is all the protection and direction you will ever need.

This season, don’t look for what is wrong. Look for what is right. Don’t look for where we are different from each other but try as hard as you can to find out where we are the same. This season let us forget all the factions and divide the world into only two, those who love and those who need love and let us each take turns being one or the other. This is the season of love. Do your part. Make it last.

(c)2011 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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