The Truth

Imagine for a moment that you are walking into Disney World and up ahead is the Magic Kingdom and new experiences and new people are all around you. Suddenly, you look over and see a candy wrapper lying on the ground. You look to your right and there is a bench with a broken armrest. You feel your agitation rising and finally you shout out “I’m outta here! This place is horrible and filthy and broken!”.

Pretty ridiculous scenario don’t you agree? BUT isn’t this very similar to what we do with many days of our life? Don’t we get up in a positive mood and see new experiences in our immediate future and don’t we proudly carry that buoyant feeling until….da da da dum, our pet starts fussing, our child spills the cereal, we forgot to do the laundry or pick up the dry cleaning, it starts raining, the check didn’t come, someone snaps at us?

Suddenly, the day is lousy. Maybe we go so far as to say that life is just one struggle after another, that nothing ever goes right, that we can’t catch a break, that we just want to give up.

Just because something is wrong does not mean that everything is wrong. Look around you. That’s your first blessing. You can look around. Now take a deep breath. Another blessing. Now say thank you and hear yourself saying it. Two more blessings. Now think about the people you love and the people that have loved you and the people that still do. Infinite blessings. Now think about the power that you have to change your attitude, how you are looking at things. Think about all that you do have, food, water, shelter and time to change for the better. Everything is never all wrong and if you look honestly you’ll see that almost everything is very, very right. That truth will set you free.

(c)2013 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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