Think About It

There is an infinite pool of unconscious thoughts upon which you and I are constantly drawing. Most of the time it serves us well. Someone appears and we draw upon our memories and remember them. We step into the shower, make breakfast and thousands of other acts by drawing upon our memories and all goes well but what happens when we reach into this bank of thoughts for a rose and instead feel the sharp prick of a thorn?

Suddenly our defense are up, our position is fortified and defended, we are ready for a battle. The detrimental part is that the battle will usually be fought inside of us and the only casualties will be our mood and our peace of mind.

There are thoughts in each of us that can make us laugh, make our heart sing or cry, put a bounce in our step or chain us to the bed. Yes, our thoughts rule us. They determine our response to others, the state of our immune system, they even determine what we see when we look in the mirror. The eyes merely observe. It is our thoughts that determine whether what we see is good or bad.

Today, you and I will constantly think. We will be unaware of most of our thoughts until they stir one of our emotions. Then we will respond the way we have learned to respond UNLESS today is different. Today we will switch off the auto pilot and purposely think thoughts that make us feel good. We will think about ways to help someone else. We will smile. We will hum or sing a song that uplifts us. A new dream, a new plan, a new perspective will be our conscious thought. We will feel happy today just because we choose that above all else. Today’s thoughts will be our cheerleaders. Regardless of what is going on, we will consciously think more thoughts that uplift us and then we will find out what we have known forever but forgotten…that we deserve to feel better. Think about it.

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride
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