Okay, so it’s not going like you planned. Now what? You wanted everything to go one way and it didn’t and now life has lost its luster, the future looks like a big neon question mark and you feel smaller. What’s your options?

You can of course attack the illusion of feeling smaller and give yourself the illusion of feeling bigger by filling yourself with anger. You would feel perfectly justified because as we know, all anger is the result of unmet expectations and you’ve got them. Add someone or something to blame and you are set. You will have terrible regrets and you will have hurt some people in the long run but right now you feel powerful. Thunderbolts ready to hurl, begin.

OR you could accept the reality of the situation. Acceptance doesn’t mean for a moment that you like what’s happening. It means you see the futility of ranting and raving and alienating friends and making yourself ill only to realize that it changes reality not one little bit. It means that you decide to adapt to the way things actually are instead of clinging to the ridiculous notion that your way still exists. Acceptance doesn’t mean that you can’t work to change things. It just means that you accept and adapt calmly to the reality of the moment.

Think about what the second choice would mean to you. It would mean that although you are disappointed with the way things worked out, you would start an immediate search for the positive aspects of the situation. You would be calm enough to seek answers or help and get them. Nobody wants to deal with or help an angry person. People will do or say anything, even lie to get rid of an angry person or to get them to calm down.

Every day is not going to be a day at the beach and every plan is not going to go your way. When the inevitable happens, breathe. Let go of any building tension in your body, relax. Your mind and your vision will stay clear and you will respond with clarity. Be known for your wisdom, not your thunderbolts. People like to be taught not scorched.

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