It’s Monday and you are tired. What are you going to do about it? Hang on, muddle through, promise yourself that you are going to bed early tonight? Or maybe, you’ll get mad at your work, your relationship, your weight or your finances or just everything. May I offer a suggestion? How about just this once you intentionally forget about being tired. How about you suspend all judgment on your life and work. How about, just this once, you say to yourself (and mean it) that “I’m finished with feeling bad!” “I am so over being helpless in any area of my life!” “It is up to me what I focus on and from this moment on I’m focusing on anything that is going right!” “I’m tired of whining at the bottom of the mountain. It’s time I started climbing!” “You are either going to see me at the top or you are going to pick up my crushed body at the bottom. I’m going for it!” “If I really am what I think about, then, by God, I’m goi ng to think the very best about me that I possibly can.” If you have any resistance in your life to being happy, get rid of it! You don’t have to analyze or figure out anything. Just set your determination right now to the highest level. Make a pact right now with yourself that you are going to ride on top of all the blessings you have and not cower under all of the worries that you have created. Know this above all things, YOU deserve to be happy. Smile, it’s a good start.

©2010 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride


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