What if tomorrow started the absolute best time of your life? Not Annie’s “The sun will come out tomorrow” tomorrow but the actual day after this one. The one that starts tonight at midnight.

I know, we’ve all been told to live in the present and I’m not rebelling against that. In fact I’m all for it. I want you to be in this moment preparing for the beginning of the rest of your life starting tomorrow.

‚Äč What could you do tomorrow that would change your life for the better? Would you start meditating, exercising, dancing, scuba diving, knitting or any one of an infinite number of activities? Would you be happy and positive regardless of what’s going on?

Would you wake up preplanned to love yourself, to see yourself in a better light, to start anew? Would you give yourself another chance tomorrow? Would you put on your warrior, monk, philanthropist, student, teacher or lover mask and wear it until it becomes you?

Let’s face it. You and I have already judged today and found it wanting in certain areas. We know we could do better. Tomorrow, the greatest opportunity so far will present itself. The opportunity to be a better you, a more grateful you.

Tomorrow will be a lot like today or it will be a golden, multicolored, symphonic start to the rest of your life. Can you wake up tomorrow without complaints, without regrets, without frustration or agitation? Can you wake up starting to be the person you always wanted to be? The answer is a gigantic YES I CAN!

Everything that comes into being has a start. A better you can’t happen without a start. Tomorrow is your chance to wake up and start. If not tomorrow, when? Go for it!

(c)2014 All Rights Reserved, Patrick McBride

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